R&D is an important part of VYKRES’ portfolio. Within the company we place great emphasis on well-managed research and development. For calculations we use the best softwares, which help us to manage the most difficult challenges.

R&D at VYKRES features computational fluid dynamics (CFD), calculations using the Finite Element Method (FEA), experimental measurements, reports and analyses.


Our team includes a long-time expert in molding and all that belongs to it. He started as a tool shop worker, gradually became a much-sought design engineer in his field and currently works as a head of construction and development at our company.

We are focusing on design and development of aluminum castings, pressure AL tools, design and development of plastic parts, tools for zinc casting, progressive dies (shears, bends), die forging, gravitational shell molding (gray iron) and trimming tools.


All VYKRES people possess more than ten years of experience at various positions in engineering companies.

They brought together very diverse multi-field know-how, which allows us to accommodate even the most extravagant ideas and wishes of our clients, from tiny marketing toys, through sheet metal products for the food industry, crane technology, boats, racing car bodies, aircraft industry to the equipment of large hydroelectric power plants.


The times, when functionality was the only criterion in design, are long gone. VYKRES has included product design as an integral part of the design process.

We cooperate with graphic designers, who help us understand the product as being more than a simply functional element.

2D & 3D

2D drawing and 3D modeling – the original focus of the company. That’s how it all started. The origin of our name (VYKRES = drawing). From these beginnings, we have come a long way, but have by no means forgotten our origins.

We still provide both emergency and long-term assistance to companies in drawing documentation, catalog creation, digitization of old documentation, also in 3D modeling and subsequent drawing based on workshop drawings made by hand.


We are able to arrange for manufacturing of everything we compute, design or draw.

We work from design to implementation.

Simply leave it to us!